Batman Fluxx Card Game Review

Batman Fluxx
Batman Fluxx

Fluxx is a game where as you play the rules and goals shift. For some this moving target is a delight, while others it is extreme frustration. While the basic structure of Fluxx is the same, there are now a ton of different themed versions. For Batman, Looney Labs draws from the Batman animated series..

This theme is fairly well woven throughout the game and it changes things up a bit as villains become Creepers vs. Keepers and have the ability to set conditions for winning the game. There’s also a Arkham Asylum card which corrals some of the characters. Other Batman gear helps you skirt around some rules and change hand conditions. The Batman theme fits the Fluxx world pretty well. While the Batman art is good, many of the action cards don’t have illustration on them, it seems like a little a missed opportunity and would have made the theme stronger.

Batman Fluxx
Batman Fluxx

The card stock for the game is also little thin although the cards held up pretty well after a few repeat plays.

The truth is, Batman Fluxx is probably going to be purchased by either the Batman completist, who wants all the Batman stuff they can get their hands on, or the Fluxx completist who wants the same. There isn’t a ton here to justify getting this if you already have Fluxx. The art is nice, the theme is fun, and it’s Fluxx. It’s a game that’s easy to set up and get going, can be madding and clunky as you try to resolve all the rules and card conditions, but it also can be a lot of fun.

Publisher: Looney Labs
Price: $15

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